sometimes i think i was born backwards

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Anonymous asked: In skins fire did effy get arrested at the end?

Well, she was definitely taken to jail. Probably got arrested for a few days but meh her parents probably bailed her out or something. I really don’t believe Effy would stay for months or years in a jail. Also, she had a few things to protect her, like the fact that she was an intern and young and ‘stupid’ and could’ve been coersived (dont know if that’s a real word but anyway) by her boss, who was having an affair with her. Who had less than 21 yrs old. Like. Nah, Effy probably got away with it.

That smile at the end is like ‘here we go again’. She knows she’s smart and will be able to manipulate people again. Life’s a game.

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about effy never finding out that Freddie got murdered by that psycho.

I feel it was probably better that way. If Effy found out about Freddie, she’d go insane in ways we could never imagine. Part of the guilt was hers, anyway. Since she thought he couldnt handle her illness and just took off, it was probably easier to put things behind her, somehow. Heartbreak is something that eventually, most of us, are able to heal and leave behind. But death isn’t. Even more when she had her spare of guilt in his death.

Some things are better left as mysteries.

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