sometimes i think i was born backwards

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this reminds me of London

tears-wont-fall asked: Omg ur blog is one of my faves ♥

awn, thank you, babe ♥ your message made my day

Anonymous asked: Kaya and Dylan O'Brian are coming to my school tomorrow to promote "The Maze Runner" and I'm taking pictures of them because I'm on yearbook I'm so incredibly excited.

YAY YOU! I’m so jealous! Enjooooooooy and say something bout my blog to Kaya, pleeeeeease <3 haha show us your pictures later, I’ll post’em and credit’em to you :) HAVE A GREAT DAY TOMORROW. you should kidnap both Kaya and Dylan, just saying

idjitpudding asked: Ily u and ur blog and ofc effy *^*

awww, thank you <3 ily u too <3 thank you so much for your message, sweetie.