sometimes i think i was born backwards

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Hi it’s ok if you don’t answer this but what would effy wear with combat boots and jeans? I have black leather boots and blue jeans and was thinking I could pull off a hella nice effy outfit but idek what to wear with it

Awn, this is a great question. I’m actually a fashion designer, so I’d love to get more Effy’s/Skins style questions. Really. Anyone, feel free to ask those kind of things.
Well, I just searched for a few exemples and I’ll post them below. But pretty much long t-shirts and sweaters (with that ‘destroyed’ feel that everything Effy wears has) and ‘heavy’ aceessories, like necklaces, bracelets, and these kind of stuff. A few of the ideas bellow don’t have blue jeans in them (most of them) but since blue jeans are somehow ‘neutral’, you can use this and go from there. 
Hope I’ve helped!

pmoke-sot asked: What did Effy mean when she said she was born backwards?

I think she means she feels different from other people. Like she’s always doing things in an opposite way that other people would or even in an opposite way than herself should be doing. She constantly harms herself (emotionally and physically, with the drugs, heavy drinking and stuff) on purpose. It’s like she’s always going through an opposite flow. She avoids happiness and love and other things that would seem like a goal to most people because hapiness and feelings like that mean having something to lose and obviously bring pain. She confirms that when she says ”the people i should love, i hate and the people i hate…”. I think that deep down, she feels different and can’t really connect with other people and the way they see the world. She sees the world differently.

Anonymous asked: What do you think effy thinks about feminism?

That’s an old question and btw i’m sorry i took so long to answer it: i’ve been travelling for 2 months (London, i miss u)
It’s a tough question. I don’t think Effy gives much tought about feminism as we know it, but she probably thinks women should have power to live the way the want to without being judged by it. For me, Effy is a powerful character (even though she has a mental breakdown, she’s strong and does whatever she wants) and this is an area where she actually gives an good example (we know that as for the drugs and depression she’s not a great role model). Don’t think she’d be ‘a feminist’ like Naomi would be (all women ‘should be’ feminists, but i mean she’d never talk about it with other people) but Effy sees that women, and people in general, should live however they want. Life’s too short, right?

spit-blood-in-the-sun asked: I just followed because effy and I was scrolling through here and wow you like gen 3 everyone hates gen 3 but I like it and I finally found someone who doesn't hate it

first, thanks for following! hi! :)
i’m not really into gen 3, to be honest. i like a few things about it, but i’d be lying if i told i liked it. i don’t hate it either.